UniCipher Encrypting Security for Windows

Take an active roll to secure your privacy with this application
UniCipher is a pure secret key cryptosystem. This makes it an ideal product for confidential communication between known parties. UniCipher is also great for protecting files on your local computer.

UniCipher encrypts multiple files across multiple drives and directories, clipboard text and selected text. It encrypts binary and ASCII files, and provides normal and CBC modes of encryption.

Message Authentication Codes (MACs) are provided to verify unaltered message content, and a three pass secure delete feature is provided to totally erase sensitive data from your system.

UniCipher includes an integrated editor to view and create ASCII documents. Passwords may be manually entered or imported from special key databases.

UniCipher is truly a universal secret key application. UniCipher does it all and at speeds other desktop products can not match.


· 30 days trial
· nag screen

To register the program, you will be prompted by the application at the end of the trial period.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Implementation of the C.R.O.E.S II algorithm for encryption services in all modes.
· All modes of encryption use Cipher Block Chaining by default.
· More streamlined file selection form.
· On screen keyboard protects against key-loggers.
· Entire program and configuration can run from a USB drive or other portable drive.

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