User Tracker Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Allows you to analyze computer usage, estimate project time, track work time and analyze work process
User Tracker allows you to analyze computer usage, estimate project time, track work time and analyze work process. It’s easy way for employees activity monitoring. To improve the productivity you should find out who is the best and the lasiest employee in your company, who spends much time on web surfing and other internet activities or just play games at their workplace.

Analyzing User Tracker reports you will know how much time employees spend on a specific application and documents, whose productivity is high and who is the best in using different applications.

User Tracker can easily prevent Internet abuse both in your company in your home. User tracker logs any site visited (it’s address and title) and calculates time your employee or children spend there.

User Tracker is useful tool for parental control. Computer game addiction more often becomes a problem both for children and for adults. User Tracker is useful to control computer time usage.

It is possible to look-up statistics for any time period of work, to sort and make any groupings of results. You can use various modes of results presentation, e.g. tables, charts. Reports can be generated in HTML format. If you use local network you can group computers and present integrated statistics for each group.
You can monitor online user’s computer activity (active, idle or turned off) and the latest task performed on this computer.

Here are some key features of “User Tracker”:

· Client-server design is well suitable for LAN
· User Tracker is based on client-server approach, so you can easily deploy it over a LAN.
· High performance
· User Tracker does not impact overall system performance.
· Ideal for both business and home users
· User Tracker is effective and suitable for work both with one computer and in business environment.
· Rich functionality
· User Tracker is feature-rich application that provides various reporting modes and a number of ways to analyze collected data.
· Easy-to-use interface


· Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed

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