VIPstegano Encrypting Security for Windows

A tool to hide scrambled text in a picture – a way to avoid attention
VIPstegano is an application which helps users to encrypt their text lines into images.
Here are some key features of “VIPstegano”:

· You can hide text in a picture. The positions of the letters are calculated in a unique way using your password
· A 3 Megapixel photo (e.g. 2048 * 1536 24bit colors) can hide 3 Megabytes of text
· Even a tiny thumbnail of 32 * 32 can contain 1 KB
· Pictures in 8bit color encoding can be used as well – but their capacity is only about one third of the 24bit ones
· After writing into the picture you do not notice any change in it
· But picture compression is not possible because of the loss of accurate information
· Therefore the pictures must be saved in bmp-format
· Just send your thumbnails as email attachment over the internet – don’t trade your right to privacy
· No one will be suspicious. Scanning for keywords is just impossible


· PC with over 200 MHz
· More than 128 MB memory


· Cannot save, add or reload pictures.

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