Visage PC Surveillance Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Captures all user activities on a PC via screenshots
VISAGE captures all user activities on a PC. Similar to the surveillance camera, VISAGE takes screen snapshots at the time interval you specify.

You can later watch all captured screens like a VCR. It also captures all applications run, all keystrokes even passwords and records all web sites visited by the user.

You can set up a customized recording schedule to record activities only at the specified time of the day or day of the week.


· Entirely Stealth; Cannot be detected in the Task Manager or via ALT+TAB
· Screen Capture; takes snapshot of screen as many as 1 frame per second with no performance impact
· Application Capture; captures all applications run on the system and time spent in each application
· Keyboard Capture; captures all keystrokes even passwords entered in any applications
· Websites Capture; captures all websites visited by the user
· Selective Recording; automatically start or stop recording only when selected applications are running in the foreground
· Inactivity timeout; Recording stops if the computer has not been used for specified number of minutes. As soon as any user activity is detected, recording will resume. This will also minimized disk space usage.
· Smart data capture and compression to minimize disk usage; Visage takes only the differences between two consecutive set of captured data resulting in much smaller storage usage and faster presentation of captured data.
· True real-time playback of captured screen data Other products claim to record and playback like a VCR, however, they take screen shots at every minute and the playback is more like a slide show than a VCR. Visage can take screen shots as many as 1 screen per second without any performance impact. Due to its smart screen capture algorithm, Visage stores only minimum data to the disk. As the result of this, the playback is faster and is truly like the VCR. User can even playback all captured screens at 80 frames per second speed without missing any bit of data.


· 7-day trial

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