VisNetic SafeFile Encrypting Security for Windows

VisNetic SafeFile creates an encrypted virtual drive on your computer
The VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module enables you to monitor and log VisNetic SafeFile user passwords. This allows the organization the flexibility to recover passwords to encrypted VisNetic SafeFile volumes. To illustrate, if an employee leaves the organization, his encrypted data can be recovered.

While installing the VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module it uses two administrative passwords to create a key file. Thereafter this key is used to create a log file. All subsequent VisNetic SafeFile passwords throughout the network and on all machines are encrypted and stored in this log file. When needed, the contents of the log file can be viewed by providing both the administrative passwords.

The VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module allows for a dynamic and secure password monitoring and management system in a multi-user environment. It is based on one of the strongest implementations of the RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm.

The administrative module allows you to create and maintain a log with all user password changes and volume mounts. The log file is encrypted using strong RSA encryption protocol, and requires two keys for access. This protects against misuse of logged passwords, and ensures a greater level of security and reliability. The log file is dynamically updated ever time there is a password change to any of the VisNetic SafeFile volume files on the network. Thus the log file is always up to date and the network administrator is freed up from the hassles of end of day backups, etc.

The strength of a deployed cryptographic system depends on its weakest link. By using a a combination of strong symmetric as well as strong asymmetric encryption schemes, VisNetic SafeFile avoids most potential weaknesses and breaches involving certification, validation, trusted third parties, etc. Our scheme does not rely on any third party security related software at any stage of deployment, operation or password management.

Hence, the VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module provides you with single point control and monitoring of a distributed encryption and password management system without introducing any of the weaknesses inherent in other key management and recovery systems.

Here are some key features of “VisNetic SafeFile”:

· Secure RSA encrypted log file
The VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module uses high end strong RSA encryption to maintain the integrity of the log file and prevent unauthorized access.
· Log file access requires two keys for greater security
Access to the log file requires two keys or passwords for maximum security. This ensures that should one key be compromised, the integrity of the log file is maintained.
· Dynamic updates to the log file
No more end of day backups and log consolidation. Dynamic updating ensures that the log file is always up to date, and eliminates unnecessary administrative chores.
· Seamless integration
The VisNetic SafeFile Administrative Module was designed to work in tandem with VisNetic SafeFile and ensure seamless integration into an existing network environment or security scheme.
· Data migration
When operated in tandem with VisNetic SafeFile, data migration is reduced to the trivial issue of drag-and-drop.


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