VisualLookout Firewall Security for Windows

VisualLookout keeps detailed logs of your open ports (smtp, e-commerce, etc.) for analysis.
VisualLookout is a “firewall” that keeps detailed logs of your open ports (smtp, e-commerce, etc.) for analysis. It can monitor multiple systems, provides real time views, and more.

VisualLookout is best described as the motion detector of your computer system. A firewall may lock the back doors and windows to stop unwelcome visitors from entering your system but there has to be a door open somewhere for the legitimate visitors and customers entering your system to transact business, whether it be for web commerce, email or another application. Unfortunately that is ideal camouflage for the unwanted visitor.

How does VisualLookout help? Simple, as visitors enter your system VisualLookout monitors and records their activity and keeps a detailed log for analysis. For the experienced technician VisualLookout is best described as a real-time Netstat that also provides history and a rich set of features to help locate unwelcome visitors.

Here are some key features of “VisualLookout”:

· Floating dashboard provides at-a-glance system activity status
· AutoAlert provides automated notifications of suspect connection
· AutoSentry? allows specific ports, domain names or IP addresses to be singled out for scrutiny and tracking
· Identifies the country of origin of IP addresses with World map display
· AutoContact? maintains IP addresses and associated domain names
· Real-time monitoring of interface data reports your Internet speed


· 15 days trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Version 5.0 Enhancements:
1.Enhanced network interface data reporting:
· ‘ports’ view includes a listing of activity on all known ports
2. Added ease of use for network interface data reporting:

· easy switch from the interface data single line display to the detailed port view, double-click a row in the ports table to return to the single-line display;
· new navigation buttons enable selection of the network interface to display in single line status;
· network interface display updated to easily view performance data.

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