VNP Secret Encrypting Security for Windows

VNP SECRET is a program for file protection that encrypts files using algorithms TRAP, ORM. BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL and others
VNP SECRET is a program for file protection that is built according to a simple general rule: it operates on single files. Therefore accidental deletion of a file or a loss of password minimises the losses.

VNP Secret also includes functions typical for a file manager: new folders creation, files copying, change of their names, compression ? they perform only supportive functions in the file protection however.

VNP Secret encrypts files using algorithms:
· TRAP (file with extension *.trp is created)
· ORM (extension *.orm)
· BLOWFISH (extension *.blf)
· RIJNDAEL (extension *.rnl)
· random file protection (extension *.erh)
· RC2 (extension *.rc2)
· RC4 (extension *.rc4)
· TEA (extension *.tea)
· DES (extension *.des)
· 3DES (extension *.3ds)
· TWOFISH (extension *.twf)
· CAST128 (extension *.cst)
· MARS (extension *.mrs)
· SERPENT (extension *.stp)
The last one is a random protection of the file, which is a random choice of encrypting and compression methods combination regarding the given file done by the program in a way secret from the user (twofold encrypting and single compression).

VNP Secret also allows for compression/decompression of files in formats *.zip, *.cab, *.lha i *.bh. File eraser is an extremely important function. It should not be used rashly! – The operation of file deletion is irreversible. After its performance the file cannot be retrieved in the original shape, even with specialised tools. The program also includes supportive functions such as folders creation, files copying, change of their names.


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