Watch Right Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Watch Right – Auto-log your child’s online activities with this parental monitoring system
Watch Right is a simple and inexpensive parental monitoring system that empowers the concerned parent with the ability to “keep an eye” on their child’s online activities.

Watch Right is a software that allows you monitor your child activity.

Automatically log your child’s instant messages, chatroom conversations, email messages, message board postings, and web sites they visit while online.
Watch Right is designed to work invisibly in the background where your child needn’t know they are being monitored. Or you may choose to use Watch Right as a warning to your child to carefully consider what actions they take while online.

With Watch Right, you can monitor:

– AOL Chatroom conversations.
– AOL Instant Message conversations.
– Read and Sent AOL Email.
– Read and Sent AOL Message Board and Newsgroup Postings.
– AOL Web Browser sessions.
– AIM Instant Message conversations (AOL not required!)
– Internet Explorer Web Browser sessions (AOL not required!)

Here are some key features of “Watch Right”:

· Disable AOL Guest Login.
· Select only the AOL screen names you wish to monitor, or all existing screen names at once.
· Dual Interface – Watch Right appears to the uninformed user as a functional Internet Atomic Clock update utility. This feature allows the user to synchronize their computer’s clock with an online time server. For the parent, they may also enter a secret password to unlock Watch Right’s monitoring control panel.
· Locks log files to prevent deletion without a valid password.
· Resists attempts to disable or close without a valid password.


· 10-day trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Addresses compatibility with latest AIM Triton, and AOL US & UK.

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