WatchDog II Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

One of the most resonably priced computer monitoring software available in the market today
Spying may sound unethical but stealing your software’s source code or viewing confidential data is by any measure more unethical – in fact, it is a criminal act. You should maintain complete control on the activities the user performs in the office. After all it is your PC and he is being paid for his time, which he is expected to use fruitfully for the company’s business.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. You can prevent the crimes taking place right now in your organization by taking this simple step towards total control. Try it and you will be surprised to see what happens behind your back.

By far the most feature filled computer monitoring and spy software you must have come across. WatchDog 2.0 Software from Rhombus Technologies has the features mentioned below :

1) Key Log Capture.
2) Instant Messenger Capture (MSN AOL & YAHOO).
3) Application Log Capture (All application’s titles).
4) View all the PCs in your network remotely (without the knowledge of the remote user) and even control then if you want (this will be visible to the user).
5) Shutdown or Restart PCs in your network remotely.
6) Ban websites, which will disable the PC from visiting any websites having the banned word.
7) Deleted Files Log giving you information of all the files deleted by all the users of your network.
8) The client is a stealth application which is not visible on ctrl-alt-del, cannot be deleted once it is started and restarts automatically on windows startup.
9) It’s a powerhouse with a 3MB file for the server and a 1.5MB file for the client, which can be remotely installed using a login script so that you need not go to each machine to install the client individually.
10) You can also use the option of the client e-mailing you the log if you are not expected to be near the server module for a long time. But use this with caution as it may result in a lot of emails, considering that one email is sent per day from each client.

Watchdog software costs only US$10 per client. You can purchase only one license for US$10and use it for your home PC. In this case you will install the client and the server module on the same PC.

Or you can purchase multiple client licenses and use the server module to monitor multiple PC’s. It is one of the most resonably priced computer monitoring software available in the market today.

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