Watchman Lockdown Security for Windows

This software helps you keep your system safe from unauthorized eyes
Watchman is a security application that helps you secure your system.

Watchman is a flexible, unobtrusive security application that makes sure no one can use a given program, or window, in a wide sense: files, folders, documents, web sites, etc. You can easily maintain a list of forbidden windows to secure the system.

We’re glad to present you with a new version of Watchman, an advanced application firewall. Watchman restricts access to programs easily, keeps an eye on your files, and monitors application usage. Watchman is now the tool of choice for protecting your system in a reliable way.

With a simple interface, Watchman delivers file protection, application usage logging, and access control management. Simple and productive: Password protection of programs and windows, Stops unwanted applications, Protects system settings, Protects documents from tampering, Monitors application usage, Sends security alerts by e-mail. Install and forget about it!

Watchman runs silently in the background, keeping your system safe from unauthorized eyes at all times. Make sure your system is always protected with Watchman, a powerful and easy-to-use security tool for Windows.
Here are some key features of “Watchman”:

Restrict Software Usage:
· Watchman keeps your system clean of unwanted software, because Watchman is able to abort new software installation. Known and unknown programs can be stopped.
· In addition, Watchman is able to protect your PC from a wide range of resources, like chat programs, file-sharing applications, websites, etc. Use the available profiles, or create your own to stop unwanted applications.
Monitor User Activity:
· Watchman includes an event logger that monitors used applications and entered keys. Register all movements, trace them, view and export historic data.
Lock Files, Documents:
· Protect files from tampering. Stop users from modifying or deleting your documents, or from reading them.
Password Protection:
· Watchman permits you to password protect applications, and nearly any resources like settings screens, shortcuts, websites, folders, documents…
· Protecting with password is simple and effective. Users will be required to authenticate before using a protected resource.
Reporting Tools:
· Watchman includes advanced reporting tools: view full-screen activity reports, print them, export them to pdf, html, rtf, images… Send and receive reports by email daily, weekly, or monthly.
Keeps Your System Safe:
· Make a list of important resources that must be protected, no matter if it’s a program, a document, or a settings window. Just open Watchman, create a new task, and insert the resources to protect in your own profile. As long as Watchman is running your data is protected.
· Not only you can create your own profiles, but also make use of the predefined ones, which are optimized to protect your system from tampering and from irresponsible users.
Easy To Use:
· Watchman provides you with a clean, simple interface. There are just a few options to configure. And a Wizard to help you understand the basic elements. Watchman is powerful, effective, but also very easy to use.


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New interface.
· New event logger.
· New reporting tools.
· New licensing system.
· Added the ability to take desktop snapshots.
· Improved alert system.
· Improved option to block keys and mouse.

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