Windows Worms Doors Cleaner Firewall Security for Windows

Detects the enabled services by checking registry entries, the local open ports and the running services
Nowadays most of the worms, in particular the most famous, use known vulnerabilities in Windows services which are enabled by default and that often can’t be disabled via the operating system’s configuration.

Even with these services patched with Microsoft security fixes, they are still exposed to the Internet at large ready to be exploited by the next exploit.

Windows Worms Doors Cleaner will detect the enabled services by checking registry entries, the running services and the local open ports.

To disable something, it only modifies existing registry entries, it doesn’t install anything nor modify any files.

Here are some key features of “Windows Worms Doors Cleaner”:

· disabling the critical windows services used by the worms
· closing so indirectly the critical ports
· displays the local opened ports
· runnable with command line parameters
· check at start the name of running processes (to detect famous worms)
· check svchost memory usage

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· website link on the GUI updated
· email link on the GUI updated
· ‘DLLHOST.EXE’ removed from the worm checking, beeing a legitimate executable

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