WinZit Encrypting Security for Windows

An easy-to-use cryptographic / compression / decompression utility
WinZit!? is a straightforward, fast, and easy-to-use cryptographic / compression / decompression utility that includes built-in support for standard algorithms such as DES/Lucifer (56-bits), BLOWFISH (448 – bits), GOST (256 – bits), PP2048 (2048 – bits), AES (256-bits), PP72 (72 – bits), TEA (128 – bits), TWOFISH (256 – bits).

In version 1.3.10, enhanced Explorer integration adds options to the Explorer context menu and allows you to secure and compress several files at once; secure several small Zit! files for easy sending via an e-mail attachment; and support for Windows XP allows WinZit!? to run as a native Windows XP program with no need to set the compatibility mode. WinZit!? provides the functionality for securing your data in three different layers: WinZit!? Application level, Archive level and Data level. WinZit!? supports files and archives up to multi-therabyte in size, the number of archived files is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.

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