XenCare SoftLock Lockdown Security for Windows

A simple to use application that can lockdown any application from your personal PC.
XenCare SoftLock provides a simple locking mechanism to protect the computer by a single mouse click lock/unlock feature. If you are using your computer system in a harmful way which could be as simple as clicking on an email attachment from a stranger or

XenCare SoftLock is a lightweight, simple yet powerful protection for your Windows computer. It is a virtual lock which, when turned on, thwarts all suspicious activities no matter who tried to do it: a normal program or a threat (virus, spyware, malware, adware) from inside your computer or over the network.
Here are some key features of “XenCare SoftLock”:

· Stops any threat, even yet unknown ones.
· Needs no threat definition database.
· Needs no periodical update.
· Protects creation, deletion, copying and modification of all .exe, .dll and .com files.


· 20MB Hard Disk Space
· 1GHz Processor
· RAM: 256 MB


· 15 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· The new version runs with a improved implementation architecture and solves issues submited by SoftLock 2.0 Users. Users can now create WhiteList so that this list can be used to give permission to friendly processes for binary file modification

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