YeoPan Encrypting Security for Windows

YeoPan is an easy to use file compression and encryption software utility
YeoPan is an easy to use file compression and encryption software utility.

YeoPan allows you to combine multiple files into single archives and protect them all using 4Yeo encryption, a powerful encryption algorithm developed by Sequreware.

In addition to protecting your files you can compress the archive for faster transfer over the internet and less disk-space usage on your computer.

YeoPan uses Pandora compression, another powerful algorithm developed by Sequreware. Updates have been made affecting perfomance and bugs.

YeoPan is totally freeware and the source code (Written in Borland Delphi 5) to the 4Yeo encryption algorithm can be found at

The source code for the Pandora compression algorithm will be available soon, YeoPan currently uses a static version of Pandora for speed and a dynamic version is in development.

How do I encrypt a file?

Just click on the file in the file browser then click on the Encrypt button, a window will pop up asking you for information required to encrypt the file.

How do I make an archive?

Click on the archive button and drag files from the file browser to the archive window, once you have added all the files you want to the archive click on the encrypt button.

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