ZiNE Secure Archiving Lite Encrypting Security for Windows

ZiNE Secure Archiving Lite is a powerful and easy to use WIN32 secure archiving utility software using Blowfish, Twofish or AES
ZiNE (Zip & Encrypt) is a powerful WIN32 secure software that allows you to archive your files. ZiNE is an all-in-one software for data protection, archiving and backup solutions, a perfect tool for individual or organization which wish to keep important documents or files in securely manner.

ZiNE is similar to archiving utilities such as WINZIP and WINRAR, except ZiNE has better compression and better file security and encryption mechanism. ZiNE protocols for compression and encryption exceed the standard market specifications.

Like other products, ZiNE offers 3 award winning and world class encryption algorithm with higher Bits strength. The algorithms are Blowfish (64-Bits), Twofish (128-Bits) and AES(256-Bits).

ZiNE file structure was design to several layers of security to prevent it from brute attack for information stealing. With combinations of the special file structures and award winning encryption algorithms, ZiNE archive is an extra 15% harder to break.

Here are some key features of “ZiNE Secure Archiving Lite”:

· Choice of 3 strong encryption algorithms.
· Advance security features.
· Key Manager & Advance Unique Key Generator
· Drag and Drop interface, and easy to use!


· PENTIUM II equivalent and above
· 64MB minimum, 128MB recommended
· 6MB HD minimum


· Unable to Add or Delete files on existing archive, except when creating new archive.
· Access only to 1/3 featured encryption algorithms

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