ZipLock Encrypting Security for Windows

ZipLock is an invaluable tool for protecting sensitive data on your PC.
ZipLock is Valiant IT Ltd’s premier cross-platform encryption and compression utility.

ZipLock is a very useful and effective utility for the protection of the sensitive data on your computer.
Using a combination of RSA public-private key encryption and secret key encryption, ZipLock allows you to keep your data totally secure.

ZipLock provides a variety of secret key encryption algorithms including the Advanced Encryption Standard (classified as secure enough for use by the US government), and two of the other finalists for the Advanced Encryption Standard: the Serpent and TwoFish encryption algorithms.

In addition to support for data encryption, ZipLock provides full archiving and compression capability. ZipLock provides a number of different compression options.

It allows you to compress files on your PC using Zip format (commonly used in Windows platforms) and compressed Tar format (commonly used in UNIX platforms).

Here are some key features of “ZipLock”:

· Encrypt files using third-party public keys.
· Sign and verify files.
· Support for BZip2 compression.
· New start-up wizard for generating key-pair or utilising existing key-pair.
· New Skinnable look and feel – supports GTK and KDE skins.
· Full Encryption/Decryption support using a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods
· Create zip, tar and compressed tar archives
· Add and remove entries to/from zip files
· Associate file types with applications to launch from within archive file


· SUN’s Java Runtime Environment (version 1.4.0 or greater)


· 30 days trial

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