ChatAlert Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

ChatAlert – Monitor your children’s instant messaging and protect them against potential dangers
ChatAlert is the world’s first chat protection program that analyses your child’s online chat conversations, instant messaging and web site activity to provide real time protection 24 hours a day – helping you protect your children from predators, online predators and dangerous secret meetings.

As soon as an instant message, chat conversation or web site activity breaches any of the inbuilt filters that you set, ChatAlert! alerts you immediately via email or SMS text message to your mobile phone – regardless of your location.

You could be at work, shopping or even overseas – if you can receive emails or SMS text on your mobile phone, you can receive alerts. You are then in total control.

Here are some key features of “ChatAlert”:

· Real Time Monitoring
· Protection
· Anywhere, Anytime
· Total Control
· Automatic Actions
· Threat Levels
· Threat Types
· Chat Dictionaries
· Web site inclusions
· Onscreen Visual Guide


· ChatAlert! is only available in Australia at this time

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