CryptEdit Encrypting Security for Windows

Open and quickly encrypt/decrypt any file on any drive.
CryptEdit is an easy-to-use application which allows users to encrypt any file on any drive using a powerful encryption protcol and a user defined encryption key. CryptEdit can quickly protect your sensitive files and information. Comes with a fast search and find utility to locate ‘misplaced’ encrypted files.

Protect your confidential and sensitive data from unauthourized access with CryptEdit using a fast and strong encryption protocol. Any file type on any drive can be quickly encrypted or decrypted. Using CryptEdit is highly intuitive allowing inexperienced users to easily protect their data. Encrypted files can be quickly found and displayed using CryptEdit’s search feature.
Here are some key features of “CryptEdit”:

· Easily encrypt any file on any drive.
· Powerful encryption protocol and user defined encryption key.
· Open file from main program window or use the Windows right-click Send To menu.
· The accuracy of decrypted files is verified before they can be saved.
· Quickly search for and find encrypted files.
· Intuitive, easy program operation.


· 128 mb ram


· Cannot save files larger than 4 KB

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