Cryptomathic File2File Encrypting Security for Windows

Cryptomathic File2File is an easy-to-use encryption solution
Security has become as crucial as ever, and still more people realise that privacy and confidentiality can no longer be taken for granted in the world of electronic communication.

With File2File, Cryptomathic offers a simple solution to this problem. File2File is an easy-to-use encryption solution, which enables users to secure data for personal storage as well as for exchange between colleagues, partners, customers or personal relations.

With its basic but effective authentication relying on only one password shared by all initiated parties, File2File is the perfect ad-hoc solution independent of any specialised security infrastructure.

With File2File it is possible to secure single files as well as full directory structures with a password. It works everywhere; on your personal hard disk, on a shared network drive, on a floppy disk or on some other kind of file store.

You can also use File2File to secure yourfiles before sending them via e-mail. If the recipient does not have File2File installed, you can encrypt the file into an executable file (EXE-file), which also contains the code necessary for decrypting the encrypted text. Then the receiver only needs to enter the password.

Here are some key features of “Cryptomathic File2File”:

· Intuitive and simple protection by a password
· Strong encryption and decryption of files and directory trees
· Simple distribution with executables for decryption
· Based on the most modern and trusted encryption algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
· Deletes the originals from hard disk and disk cache after encryption

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