Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption Encrypting Security for Windows

A small selective public key file encryption software
Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption is a great tool that will help you protect your files creating public keys.

It lets the user create and distribute unalterable public keys. This impossibility to alter Deltacrypt public key files prevents man-in-the-middle attacks where key interception and substitution is at the heart of such attack. It is brute-force attack resistant by simulating decryption process in real decryption time when used with a false private key.

It encrypts binary units of information, therefore it can cipher any file formats with its 768-character key and has no encryption volume limitation.
Here are some key features of “Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption Home Edition”:

Free and Easy to Use:
· The OneClick Home Edition is a FREE encryption software application for personal use only. DeltaCrypt OneClick Home Edition provides a simple, intuitive interface for encrypting and decrypting. Securing your files has become a must for everyone, not just for IT professionals!

File and Folder Protection:
· DeltaCrypt OneClick Home Edition Encryption Software provides basic file and folder encryption.

Batch Encryption or One-to-one Encryptions:
· DeltaCrypt OneClick Home Edition lets you choose between batch encryption and one-to-one encryption of your file selection. When choosing batch encryption, all your file selection will be encrypted into one resulting file to hide original file details from praying eyes.

· If you choose to encrypt one-to-one your file selection, you will get as many resulting files as original ones. This encryption method enables you to individually decrypt the one file you wish to access while all others remain protected at all times.

Exchange Data Safely:
· Encrypt files for your correspondents and send them without worry.

Unlimited Encryption Capabilities:
· The OneClick Home Edition Encryption Software does not have any encryption limitations: with the number of files to encrypt or with the size of the files being encrypted.


· 4.3 mb of hard disk space

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