Eisoo AnyEncrypt 2006 Professional Edition Encrypting Security for Windows

Eisoo AnyEncrypt 2006Server Professional Edition allows you to encrypt and decrypt data on enterprise servers and file servers
Eisoo AnyEncrypt 2006 Server Professional Edition allows you to encrypt and decrypt your confidential or private data with simplified operations.

Aimed at providing products for different types of users and various application circumstances, Eisoo AnyEncrypt contains Server Edition, Standard Edition and Free Edition. Eisoo AnyEncrypt Server Edition is mainly applied to enterprise servers and file servers, while Standard Edition and Free Edition is mostly used to encrypt PC data for individuals and SOHO, or protect enterprise desktop system.

Here are some key features of “Eisoo AnyEncrypt 2006 Server Professional Edition”:

Simplified Operation
· You can learn how to use AnyEncrypt in one or two minutes without any extra training.

High-level Security
· AnyEncrypt offers not only Hidden Encrypt to quickly encrypt data, but also 128 bit and 256 Bit Content Encrypt with high-level surity to users who demand a high degree security circumstances for their data.

High-level Reliability
· The core of AnyEncrypt is based on our flagship product AnyBackup??and its reliability is validated by numerous users.

Support Various Encrypt Methods
· AnyEncrypt offers Hidden Encrypt, Content Encrypt and 256 Bit High Intensity Encrypt. You can choose the suitable one according to the amount of your data need to encrypt and the safety degree you demand.
· Seamlessly Integrating with Windows to Encrypt and Decrypt Data with Simplified Operations.
· AnyEncrypt had been fully integrated with Windows Explorer. When encrypting, you right click the file(s), directory(ies), select??and finish data encryption.


· CPU 766 MHz
· RAM 128 MB
· Free Disk Space 20 MB
· Internet Explorer 6.0


· 30 days trial

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