Emsa Save My Work Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Emsa Save My Work is a typed text recovery tool (keystroke recorder)
Emsa Save My Work is a very useful data recovery program. It works on a principle similar to usual key loggers but in a different fashion and purpose.

Instead of spying on other people keystrokes, Emsa Save My Work is designed to be fully visible and used by the actual computer owner and record the keystrokes typed into the computer, in order to provide a backup of all this typed data, should any problem occur.

Emsa Save My Work is helpful because it saves all your typed data while you work. How many times you have lost your work because of power failure, blue screens, computer accidental reset, internet failure, user mistake or kids hitting the computer cables and any such unexpected events?

You may have written a complicated document or email working for a lot of hours and then lost it completely…. Well – lost no more! Emsa Save My Work can help you in all such cases, you just need to keep it running in system tray while doing your day by day work at computer.

Once it is started, Emsa Save My Work runs in systray and records your keystrokes as you type in any documents. You may click on the systray icon at anytime to show the main window and see your typed data. Should any problem occur with your document, you can open the program’s main window and copy all the text from within the main text log box. Copy the typed data from this window inside your document, do a bit of reformatting as needed and your work is saved!

If your computer crashes, no problem – your data is still available because it is logged on disk. Go into the folder where you installed the program (usually something like c:Program FilesSaveMyWork) and look in the Logs subfolder. Each log file holding your typed data is saved as one file per day.


· This product requires the VB6 Runtime
· 800×600 min screen resolution

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