GPGee Encrypting Security for Windows

GNU Privacy Guard Explorer Extension
GPGee is a shell extension for Windows explorer that acts as an assistant for using GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG/GPG). It integrates itself into the context menu that appears when you right-click on a file and adds a new menu with functions to allow you to sign and/or encrypt any file.
GPGee is a useful file encryption utility that will come in handy.

Here are some key features of “GPGee”:

· Single-window access to all options during sign/encrypt (screenshot)
· Automated decrypt/verify – determines the correct operation by examining the file (screenshot)
· Perform operations on multiple files at once – select as many files as you want before activating GPGee.
· NEW Directory recursing is now supported. Perform operations on all the files in a directory by right-clicking on a folder.
· Can sign a file with multiple keys simultaneously.
· Append new signatures to existing detached signatures – for creating multi-key signed files and documents with different users at different computers.
· Can verify multi-signed files with details on every signature.
· NEW OpenPGP Smartcard support.
· Supports external gpg options files and keyrings.
· Context-sensitive help
· It’s free software released under the GNU General Public License

See Demo – Download – Visit Author Site

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