HushPage Crypter Encrypting Security for Windows

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Crypter the data security solution from hushpage.

With Crypter you are able to encrypt data files with the most secure encryption technique – by adding the data into an image. This technique is called steganography.

What Crypter makes special is the fact that it produces the smallest possible output images, whereby the size of the key image is almost independent from the size of the data which will be encrypted . The design of Crypter will allow some automatisms, in order to provide a fast, one click encryption.

Crypter is safe: Only by using encrypted- & key-image with Crypter the original data can be decrypted again.

Crypter is fast: optimized image processing for fastest results.

Crypter is effective: using 24 bit bitmaps to hide data in each color.

Picture utilization almost 100%:
· Images will be resampled based on file size.
· Crypter uses zip algorithms to decrease size of destination image further.
· An encrypted image usually has 1 to 5 times the size of the original data file (text smaller, graphics higher).

Crypter is easy to use:
· one click encryption from explorer context menu.
· a wizard may guide you trough the en- decryption process.
· an organizer let you store the key images for the correspondence with different recipients (buddy list)

Using Crypter is fun: It comes with a beautiful design and 5 different skins.

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