Kaboom Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

An application that makes cryptic encoded internet content readable
Kaboom is an application that makes cryptic encoded internet content readable.

Have you ever seen text like a2Fib29tIGlzIGEgY29vbCB0b29s in your email and wondered what it means? Or do you want to know what this () encoded url part is for?

Kaboom is your one-stop-solution for converting text from readable to encoded content or vice versa. Kaboom supports all common encoding/decoding routines used in the various internet content like emails and the web.
Here are some key features of “Kaboom”:

· Email: Kaboom supports Base64, RFC-1522 binary and quoted printable, and the unicode formats UTF-7 and UTF-8. Use Anti-Harvest filter to protect your email adress from being harvested and used for spamming.
· Web: Strip html tags to see the text content of a html page. Decode and encode urls, in example to see the real target of a link in phishing emails. The unicode formats UTF-7 and UTF-8 are used for international characters. IDNA Punycode is used for the new domain names with special characters like umlauts and accents.
· File: CR->CRLF, LF->CRLF, and vice versa to convert text between the different operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Calculate from a long file name the corresponding short file name. Get the universal network connector (UNC) path from a mapped network drive. Get quick a hexdump of the text. Even the old-fashioned Char to OEM and OEM to Char are supported if you still have some DOS text.
· Text: Kaboom comes with routines around capitalization like lower case, upper case and make caps.
· Checksum: Kaboom supports CRC16, CRC32, CRC32 Wide Chars and Internet Checksum.

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