MyTopSecret Encrypting Security for Windows

MyTopSecret encrypts and hides any secret file into a common file (picture file, audio file, program file, video file and so on)
We are living in the information age. How could we keep confidential data from others? Usually we encrypt the secret file. When we do that, it doesn’t mean anything, and it is easy to understand that it contains sensitive information, a secret? And someone might try to break it.

But how can you hide the encrypted file, and make it invisible to others? MyTopSecret does it.

MyTopSecret encrypts and hides files into other files that do not look suspect of encryption, and can sneak very easy through the Internet. And if you have any secret files in a computer of your office, MyTopSecret is your best helper. It makes your secrets hidden and other persons can only see the carrier file.

Here are some key features of “MyTopSecret”:

· Does not modify file system structure, so it will never bring your file system to failure or data loss.
· You can select whether MyTopSecret is running as soon as you run your computer or not, and you can hide the MyTopSecret window in taskbar. It is very cool especially in your office and that prier is walking towards you?
· Allows you to use a password for protecting your carrier file, anyone who doesn’t know it can’t unhide file or clean it.


· 15 days trial

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