phpSHIELD PHP Encoder Encrypting Security for Windows

phpSHIELD PHP Encoder – The Lowest Priced PHP Bytecode Encoder on the market
phpSHIELD was developed for helping software authors, freelance developers and anyone publishing scripts to protect their intellectual property with ease. Developers working on freelance projects do not have to give away all of their legacy code during a project – phpSHIELD will allow them to protect the elements at they do not want the client to have full access to.

Software authors can release their scripts without the fear of losing revenue from piracy. Why not try out our easy-to-use windows application today and you can begin protecting your scripts immediately. Encrypted and protected code works under Windows, Linux and now Mac OS X. Your encoded scripts will work with no changes to the default installations of PHP.

Here are some key features of “phpSHIELD PHP Encoder”:

· Native encoding to fully protect your application
· PHP5 and PHP4 support: Both PHP5 and PHP4 support built in to the encoder and loaders
· Powerful and fast encryption to protect your files
· A simple and easy to use interface
· Three steps and your files are protected
· Simple and easy to use Windows client encoder
· Linux ready loaders for running protected scripts
· MacOSX support
· We support php under Mac OS X
· Protect your intellectual property
· Protect your php source code

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