PowerKey Encrypting Security for Windows

Advanced encryption toolkit designed to protect your most sensitive data.
PowerKey offers an advanced encryption toolkit to protect sensitive and important data on your system.

You can easily encrypt selected files and folders so that no one else except from you will be capable of reading that data.

PowerKey allows you to perform block encryption of files and folders with any of the 8 well-known crypto algorithms (Blowfish, Cast, 3Des, Des, Gost, RC2, Rijndael, Twofish).

At first, the data is compressed using zip method with ratio 0..9 (available on selection) to speed up the encryption process.

After the encryption is done and you receive a file with the extension .pkey as output. You are free to select any cipher mode to be used by the programm (we recommend using Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Mode).

One of the very useful features of PowerKey is that it allows you to create SFX packages by checking the appropriate checkbox on the encryption bookmark.

PowerKey’s SFX files can be extracted on any other machine running Windows. Another very useful feature is Anti Password Spy protection that prevents your passwords to be read from ‘*****’ secretly.

PowerKey also has secure deletion bookmark where you may choose what files/folders you want to wipe. PowerKey’s low level Wipe is the best choice for performing 100% unrecoverable deletion.

If you’d like to change the password for already created .pkey file this is provided by Change Password utility.

If you spend lots of time trying to choose the password for your new package, you may use Password Generator utility which provides easy and fast generation of passwords, which are prooven to be strong (such passwords are resistant to different brute force attack metthods).

Though PowerKey works fast enough, still, you may increase it’s speed up to 2 times by choosing a higher Process Priority; the fastest work is achieved with the REALTIME PRIORITY, only note that such speed-ups usually slow down the work of other programs.

You can pick up any of 8 well-known algorithms, set compression ratio to 0-9 and start the process. Unlike other programs of such a kind it can create SFX packages (*.exe files) and it will run on any other machine, no matter whether there is a version of PowerKey installed or not.

It is integrated into Windows shell which makes it easier to use.

If you wanna protect your files with a strong password then use PowerKey’s utility – Password Generator that will generate passwords of desired length from specified set of characters.

Besides, you can wipe free space without being scared that someone will be able to restore your sensitive information, cause its Wipe utility implements secure scheme of how to safely delete files.

Crypto algorithms
? Blowfish
? 3DES
? Cast-128
? Gost
? RC2
? Rijndael
? Twofish
Here are some key features of “PowerKey”:

· Data encryption and decryption
· 8 well-known crypto algorithms
· SFX supported
· Autocompression of data
· Anti password-spy protection
· Secure deletion of files/folders (low level Wipe)
· Wipe Free Space
· Integration into Windows Shell
· Drag and drop support


· 2Mb HDD
· 8Mb RAM


· 14 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· minor bugs fixed
· – big fonts support
· – option ‘Delete original file(s) and/or folder(s) after encryption’ has been changed with its Wipe analogue

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