Private Keeper Encrypting Security for Windows

Personal data manager. Easy, fast and compact. PIN-codes, passwords, serials…
Private keeper is a powerful and flexible tool, which was developed to protect your confidential information. In the modern computer world, thanks to wide development of the Internet, huge information resources are exposed to various dangers: Internet-worms, spyware, trojans and other such programs, that can not only harm your computer, but also intercept your personal data.

Thanks to the use of one of the most proven and fast RC6 encryption algorithms, Private keeper will make the work with the encrypted data simple and intuitive, your data will never fall into bad hands. Simplicity, ease of use and the powerful data encryption algorythm make Private Keeper a must have tool.

Data – always will be with you “near at hand” thanks to removable media device installation function, small size of the executed module and a unique compact format of data storage – Private keeper database, developed by Alta Softworks company. Such features as a user-friendly interface and instant search of necessary data will make Private keeper an irreplaceable assistant.

Here are some key features of “Private Keeper”:

· Strong 256 bit encryption algorithm – RC6,
· Unique compact format of data storage – Private Keeper Database (*.pkd),
· Built-in Password generator,
· “Good-looking” passwords”,
· Built-in Backup Manager,
· “Take Me Away” tool,
· Complete File Removal Tool,
· Possibility to create user defined groups and fields,
· “Auto Paste” tool for filling web-forms or dialog boxes,
· Instant search,
· User-friendly interface.


· 333 MHz Intel Pentium III
· 128 MB RAM
· 2.6 MB free disk space


· 15 days trial
· Nag screen

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