Safe Docs Encrypting Security for Windows

Document security system using powerful encryption and decryption to protect your sensitive data
Safe-Docs is a useful software that will protect your sensitive documents and files. Documents protected by Safe-Docs can not be opened, viewed, or printed. You decide which files to protect, and who can decrypt them.

Here are some key features of “Safe Docs”:

· All File Types Supported — Protects any type of file. Word Documents, Excel Spreatsheets, even pictures, music, and video files.
· Quick and Easy — Just Log-In and Drag-And-Drop files to encrypt or decrypt them. One process does both. Safe-Docs determines weather your file is already encrypted or not, and automatically encrypts or decrypts it.
· User Accounts — Permit or deny users the ability to encrypt or decrypt files independantly.
· Action Log — Keep track of which users are encrypting and decrypting files.


· 5 days

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