Sanmaxi KeyLogger Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

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Sanmaxi KeyLogger is completely undetectable superior stealth surveillance keyboard monitoring, e-mail recording, snapshots taking, passwords capturing, user friendly utility tool. Key logger is best solution for concerned parents, family member, small and middle companies or organization, bank employees, cyber cafe owner, colleges/school/universities students, big corporations with the need to monitor hundreds of employees simultaneously.

Keystroke recorder surveillance tool hidden from add remove program, start menu program, task manager. no technical skill is required to operate software. It is password protected. Key logger software is not detected by any antivirus software.Its capture video, play screenshot sequencely and save visual encrypted log. Sanmaxi Keylogger Records voice chat in all messengers, Records microphone sounds. The application can also save audio log with time and date.

Here are some key features of “Sanmaxi KeyLogger”:

· Records all keystrokes (keyboard tracking)
Key logger records all key strokes entered by the users on that computer regularly. You can secretly monitor every keystroke on your computer. Surveillance utility can work in hidden mode. Using this program you will save your time by preventing accidental data damage and loss that is frequently caused by the use of Internet.

· Screenshot Monitoring (Visual Surveillance)
Key logger is a visual surveillance tool for suspected person. Invisible capture High Quality Screenshot , Captures entire screen snap shots to track live activity of users on your computer in your absence. Program is completely invisible from users, hidden in desktop background.

· Voice Monitoring ( pc voice monitor)
Program records voice chat conversation by users on your system and save this a log file for future use. You can know person sitting in front of computer by recognizing his/her voice. Voice Monitoring Key logger records all computer voices secretly. Voice recorder records sound, voice chat, online chat voice conversation secretly.

· Sent activity’s log on mail (keyboard keys tracing software)
User save Log file on their desired location on disk. Key logger sent activity text log file at your mail at regular interval of time in stealth mode. You can use this log for view or restore text or forgot password.

· Save activity’s log on FTP Server
Key logger saves encrypted log. This log can be used in future to view monitor information. At any time you can save activity log on desired location on your domain server with password protection. Key logger also send log at your secret folder on FTP server at regular interval of time secretly.

· Password Recovery Key Logger (Retrieve previously entered passwords from your computer)
It is pre installation recovery software. After installation, if you have lost or forgot your previously typed login password, outlook express, zip folder password, office documents such as word, excel, power point files password of your local computer.

· Records Multi User Account Activity (keyboard keys tracing software)
Key logger records all created user account activity including administrator/guest user.

· Family Keylogger or tracking key computer ( Monitoring Software for parents and guardians)·
Invisible key logger can help you to track family member activity in your absence and what sites in to they are login or visit in your absence. Spy software secretly monitors and records all secret activities of your family, employee, kids or spouse on computer and Internet.

· Admin Key logger
Network Administrator of any company can close watch on his team in his absence. What exactly going on their computers if he is not present any day. What website they are visited, Chat room activity during working hours.

· Office Keylogger (office activity tracker)
Key logger records employee’s activity in absence senior person. That senior person could be System Administrator, Office Mangers. This person can watch closely to company’s employees without interfering them. Due to this company productivity will be increase day by day.

· Cyber Caf? Keylogger (internet tracking software key strokes)
Key logger is useful in case of cyber caf?. It finds out what user was doing on computers. In the present time various cyber caf? theft are carried by Cyber Stalkers and intruder.

· Children Activity Tracker (track child internet activity)
Free keyboard tracker track children activity such as website visited, work done and kind of website log in by them. At present scenario parent and guardian always worry about their children’s internet activities.


· 32 MB RAM
· 6 MB disk space


· 7 days trial

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