Snoop Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

It monitors pc and internet activity by logging keystrokes, urls and emails
Snoop makes it easy to monitor PC and Internet activity on your work or home computer or even from a remote location.

Now you can record everything your children, employees and/or spouse do on their PC and have a report delivered to an e-mail address, anywhere and as frequently as every day.

Once installed on a PC, you can view computer activity by logs created or Snoop can send activity log reports to a remote e-mail address you specify. You can specify to send reports daily, weekly or monthly.

Your Snoop report can include any of the following: application activity, all web sites visited, keyword detection (you define the keywords that Snoop looks for), logs by date or keyword.

Snoop Records

– Outgoing e-mail
– Web Sites Visited
– Instant Messages/Chat
– Keystrokes Typed


· Stealth Mode
· Hot Key Activation
· Help
· Keyword notification reports
· Activity Reports
· Log files by keywords or date.
· Works with Modems, Cable Modems, and DSL.
· Can be automatically or manually configured for browsers and e-mail clients.
· Snoop is built for Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000.

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