SquidRestrict Firewall Security for Windows

SquidRestrict will help you impose restrictions on the The Squid Web Proxy Cache enabled firewalls
SquidRestrict’s main purpose is to allow multiple time restrictions to be placed on internet usage for firewalls that use The Squid Web Proxy Cache.

Primarily SquidRestrict is intended to be used on Linux based firewalls such as IPCop and Smoothwall.

Currently SquidRestrict is known to work with the following:
· IPCop 1.4.0 to IPCop 1.4.13
· Smoothwall Express 2
· Smoothwall Express 3 Alpha [Grizzly]

Also available is SquidRestrict_java. SquidRestrict_java is a standalone Java application that allows you to work out the time restrictions you wish to apply to Squid.

After working out the time restrictions that you want to impose you can copy/paste the result from SquidRestrict_java into your squid configuration file (squid.conf).

Here are some key features of “SquidRestrict”:

· Set Multiple Time Restrictions
For each day you can set multiple time restrictions for when internet access should be allowed.
· Simple User Interface
SquidRestrict uses a simple web interface to allow you to set the time restrictions that you want in place.
· Easy Installation
SquidRestrict is very easy to install, all you have to do is run a setup script
· Supported Firewall Versions
Works on all current versions of IPCop (1.4.0 to 1.4.13) and Smoothwall Express (v2 and v3).
· Doesn’t Delete any Files
No Files are deleted when using SquidRestrict, your current Squid configuration is backed up so it can be quickly rolled back in the event of anything going wrong.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Italian, spanish, portuguese, russian and dutch translations added
· Small run scripts added (run.bat and
· Javadocs updated
· Added i8ln support for inputdialog boxes

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