Strong Arm Data Encryption Encrypting Security for Windows

Digital signature encryption software for data security
There’s nothing worse than having your hard work stolen from you. The problem is that you can never prevent internet thieves stealing it. And then, once you have discovered the theft, how do you prove it?

We have the answer with the award winning Strong Arm!

Now there can be no doubt just who owns that file with our data protection software! Create your project, run it through Strong Arm and you can invisibly encrypt any copyright information you want!

If you suspect that someone has stolen your work, run the file through the free viewer and the copyright information is there for all to see! Want to add copyright data to multiple files?

No problem! You can batch add to any number of files all in a single operation. Just telling people that your site is protected by Strong Arm can be enough to deter would be file thieves and maintain your data security!

Supports a massive list of file types (details click here). You can copyright GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP SWF files. You can copyright EXE, DOC, XLS, PDF, MDB files.

You can even copyright music and video files! Add copyright information, license details or even instructions if you want. If you can type it in – you can add it! Use it to embed hidden data, only you will know it’s there – until it’s time to reveal it! It protects your files, makes sure you retain ownership and can prove you own the file!


· Easy to use
· Deters theft
· Proves file ownership
· Protects multiple files
· Supports many file types
· Protects your data security
· Retains original files for safety
· Encrypts any data you want into file
· Removing digital watermark destroys the original data
· Invisibly encrypts files with your digital copyright signature

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