WISeForm Encrypting Security for Windows

Safely encrypt / manage web site passwords and forms. Portable USB version.
WISeForm provides high security data encryption and protection for password and form data and allows it to be shared between IE and Mozilla. Users can easily and securely logon to their favourite web sites, and safely store their usernames, passwords , and other web form data (address, phone etc.) using strong encryption such as AES (Rijndael), 3DES, RSA, RC4 and other cryptographic algorithms.

WISeForm automatically detects and logons on to sites, and can easily fill in forms data for payment and other uses. It uses direct memory transfer thus making interception by keyboard loggers extremely difficult. The WISeForm database is entirely encrypted and can be easily backed up, and WISeForm portable allows you to keep your encrypted data on a secure USB key or other portable device, and use it on any machine without leaving a trace.

Users can protect their password and form database using a strong master password or using a free asymmetric X.509 key and digital certificate from WISeKey, the global leader in trusted identities.

Here are some key features of “WISeForm”:

· Store form information securely
· Manage passwords
· Automatically fill in forms
· Seamless automatic login and navigation
· Flexible security mechanism
· Portability
· WISePass Editor
· WISePass Backup
· WISeNotes


· 512MB
· 15MB HD


· Full functions for 30 days
· limited to 10 WISePasses/forms after 30 days

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