PC Controller Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

PC-Controller provides internet supervision: sites, content, and PC activities logger: keylogger, screencapture
If your PC is used by several persons such as your children or clients you should not be without concern: you are the only person who is responsible of all the activities done on your computer. With unrestricted access and authorization, any person can use and/or download any program on your PC. Furthermore, anyone can access through your Internet connection to any Web site.

These risks presented by your computer show the necessity of using an efficient solution of protection.

PC-Controller is an efficient software that protects and supervises your PC and Internet connection and records ALL the activities done on your computer. It supervises and records all which is typed on your keyboard, your mouse activities, all the used and downloaded programs and all the visited web sites. Moreover, the software can record periodically (every time period that you introduce) the desktop’s image, i.e. the entire screen capture.

PC-Controller can also be used to supervise and block words and Internet addresses. You can define one or several lists of censured words and web site URLs. At any moment, you can store or update your lists and add or remove any word or web site you want. Once PC-Controller is activated, if a censured word is typed on a window (in any software dialog), this last will be closed immediately.

In the same way, if an undesirable Internet address is typed or accessed by a navigator (for example using favorite links), the navigator will be automatically closed and a warning message will be displayed to the user. Supervising and recording the computer activities can be enabled or disabled at any moment.

Once PC-Controller is executed, it can be accessed only using a password that you define so nobody else can access to the software. It can run secretly in the background (always analyzing your computer and Internet activities) and be configured to be completely invisible to the user and still accessible by the parent or supervisor.

Here are some key features of “PC Controller”:

· Fast and easy to setup and to use
· Supervise and record all the keyboard and the mouse activities
· Supervise and block any software on which a censured word (that you have defined) was typed
· Supervise and block any kind of Internet navigator (ex. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.) on which an Internet address (that you have defined) was typed or accessed using favorite links.
· You can define, update and store on your disk, one or several lists of censured words and Internet addresses that you can select whenever you want
· Records and supervise all instant messenger chant conversation done on Aol (AIM), Yahoo and MSN Messenger and all the other tools (without exception). Now you can know who your children are chatting with in order to protect them.
· Supervise and maintain a detailed log of all the Internet activity by recording all the Internet addresses and web sites that have been visited on your computer
· Maintain a detailed log of all the used and downloaded programs
· Store the desktop’s image (i.e. the entire screen capture) periodically in a jpeg format. You can specify any period you want.
· Records, in a detailed log, the opened and created documents.
· Password protected, the settings you choose cannot be modified by even the most advanced users.
· You can enable and/or disable recording and supervising your PC whenever you want

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